Layered Strategy

  • Starting with vendors' default rule set.

  • The next Layer involves researching and applying the public best practice rule set.
  • Customizing the rule sets. We analyze corporate traffic & create specific rule sets depending on architecture, technology deployed & traffic patterns.
  • Finally, we apply rules at the host level to protect applications & operating systems

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Cyber Weapons Lab

We create cyber weapons, ideology & find vulnerability before the attackers do.


should be performed on a regular basis (at least once a year) to ensure more consistent IT and network security.

Secure App Development

We create, test and find vulnerability before the attacker do.

Research & Development

We develop new technology, gadgets and try converting idea into real product.


Application Development

First, our development team develops the application, then the app goes to our hackers, for verbose testing of the application, we fix if any bugs & flaws are found, at last, we obfuscate and harden the app.


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We are the team of hackers & developers.

Cyber Security

We perform VAPT and sync with cyber weapons lab reports.
We also help to maintain cyber hygiene through our cybersecurity awareness program which helps others in maintaining good cyber practices.
Exploit Blizzard also has an Individual cybersecurity program that allows every individual to secure their home network, protecting them from malware and cybercriminals. Exploit Blizzard was started with one motto ie. care to be aware.
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Students & Learners



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Let us know how talented you are, show your skills and we will reach out to you.



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If you get selected you will be welcomed to our team, work on projects and also learn about cyber security by the mentors & get your training certificate.


The R&D Center

Step 3

Research and development is where we create ideology, methodology and work on gaining and implementing knowledge.